Friday, November 25, 2005

(Saa Virahe' -Radha's Separation The first word of a composition 'Saa virahe tava denaa' by JAYADEVA. The legendary composer famous for his peotic compositions in Sanskrit, known as GITA GOVINDAM and also known as ASHTA PADI, representing The Räsa Léla of Sri Krishna with Rädha and the Gopicas ! known as The eight lovers of Sri Krishna)

Aladdin is a violin maestro. He runs a music shop for livelihood, taking leave from his profession of performing violin. Since times have changed and
there are not many takers for classical music he teaches his son to play violin.

Hussein a child prodigy, Who has mastered the art of playing Violin at an early childhood under the tutelage of his father Maestro Allauddin. One day during the Holidays of Ramadan by evening after his violin practice, he joins his friends to play in their neighborhood.While chasing after the ball heunmindfully enters the main Bazaar street, where
a riot has broken and the miscreants were seen looting,killing and burning down the shops. Hussein in his eagerness to retrieve the ball gets caught in the riot and one of the rioters, finding him in his way,gets a hold on him and lifting him in to the air throws him on the steps of Mosque. Right away Hussein starts bleeding to death.

Soon a rain starts to pour down washing away his blood forming in to tiny flowing rivulets finally joining the riv
er that goes through the city. While the sun setting, an evening prayer and breaking fast goes on in the mosque. At the city's burial ground, among many of the tombs built for the dead, the orphan children gather during the night, a place which they call home. Hussein is also seen taking shelter amongst the buried sat next to a tomb. As the day sets in, he starts on a journey.

Traveling far and long for days together, he reaches a deserted city colored in Pink. (Rajasthan)As he goes around the city he
finds the walls of houses painted with murals of people singing and playing various instruments.

After wards he leaves the city wandering to the country side, On a hot sunny day, tired and thirsty; his ears cache a song coming from afar in the landscape. Hoping to find some water, He reaches there to see an Old Seer Sat under a big Papal Tree

surrounded by sheep and Shepard boys was singing a beautiful hymn. (A song rendered in evoking gods). Seeing the boy in an exhausted condition, he stops his singing as Hussein makes a sign for water, he points him to a house near by and tells him to go to there saying that he would also get what he is seeking. As the sun is on its way to setting, Hussein approaches the house, there he comes across an old lady,Sidheshwari, who is milking the cow. He asks her to give him something to quench his thirst. Sidheshwari gives him milk to drink and inquires after him, up on finding that he is an orphan, her daughter Vasantha, a young women takes a liking to him and tells her mother, that they should let him live with them. They name him Siddhartha and soon the boy is happy child as he is loved, nourished and cared for.

Sidheshwari,whose husband had left on a pilgrimage years back and never returned, her young Daughter Vasantha are the only ones left of a great and well known family of traditional classical musicians. In her younger days Sidheshwari was very well known for singing and she has taught her daughter to play violin, who is a virtuoso.

One day Vasantha, in order to replace her old violin, which is broken, visits the shop of the Old music Maestro. On her way to the shop in the streets she is confronted by a bird catcher, who forces h
er to buy a rare beautiful bird, kept in a cage. She feels so distressed for the bird that she offers to buys it, despite the warnings of
the old maestro. This whole affair annoys the old maestro and he laments that, he had to put up with this cruel sight of birds being kept in cages every day and when he is old enough and nearing death. He prays to All
ah to change the cruel heart of the bird catcher and give freedom to the poor birds, who are caged. He scolds the bird catcher and tells him to get reformed and stop the cruelty to birds,suggesting that he could choose some other profession and stop troubling his customers.

The maestro shows her around his shop. She looks at a beautiful violin kept in a glass case, while she inquires about it, a well dressed young man by the name Rahul, who has been looking around for a while reaches for the violin and takes it out of the case, pleased by its beauty he approaches the maestro asking for its price.Taken in by this sudden event the young lady protests to the young man, that in fact she was inquiring after it and she is going to buy it. The young man responds saying that since he got it first, it is his right to buy and with that
they both start fighting with each other, over who has the right to buy it.

The maestro finds him self being amused by the fighting couple but politely tells them that the violin is not for sale. While both insist that they would like to buy it.He tells them that, the violin is not for sale and it belonged to his son,who is no more and once, he is used to play it every day and in remembrance of him, he had kept it preserved.

He tells them that there are many beautiful violins,any of which they could buy and he inquires after both of them as to why they would want to buy a violin. the young man explains that all his life he had wanted to learn playing the violin but he could not afford one, now is the time for him since he is comfortably employed so he could afford to learn. While the young lady tells him that since, her old violin broke, she needs a new one to continue practice. The old maestro finding out, that she is the daughter of the famed singer Sidheshwari,whom he knew very well, becomes thought full for a while and tells both of them that there is one way, where both of them could have it.

He tells them that, though he would not sell the violin yet he could give it to both of them on a condition that the young man chooses to learn from her and in turn she be willing to teach him. He also tells them that when they have no need for it or if they stop playing it, then they should return the violin back to him. He tells them that he is willing to giving it to them, only because he wanted the violin to be played every day, which would give him some consolation to the fact that his son used to play it every day.
They both accept to this condition, though grudgingly and Rahul, happy at the prospect of finding a teacher, promises to visit her house for his violin classes.

Soon after her arrival at home, Vasanta shows the violin to Siddhartha. He instantly takes a great liking to the violin and soon becomes inseparable with it. To every one's surprise he plays divinely and each time he played the violin, the house would lit with a golden hue spreading around.

There lives in theirs neighborhood, An old retired school teacher married to his young wife with no children. Not a day passes by with out her picking at the old man and She would be cursing her poor parents saying that all they could do is nothing
better than, just find an old man for a son in law. The old teacher, though gentle, is a resigned person. But as he starts to listen to the violin being played at his neighbors,he finds life full of joy and often would exclaim, that God is merciful for having brought the happiness back in to his life and he could expect nothing better. But his wife,who is a spiteful lady, seeing him happy, would curse him and also the neighbors, saying that, the music has brought ruin to her life and all that the old man does is sit and exclaim, like a madman.

Surrounded by happiness and merry, Rahul and Vasantha fall in love with each other and soon they get married. As wished by Sidheshwari, Rahul comes
to stay with them at thire house. On his first night, while Siddhartha plays the violin,
Rahul is taken aback at seeing his wife as some one divine and he finds him self being held back from reaching his wife. He suddenly starts feeling that the music played by Siddhartha is what making him helpless and vulnerable. Disturbed by such a happening he believes, the violin has some kind of power which is probably making him imagine things. He suggests to both Sidheshwari and Vasantha, that now they have to run a family and think of future, it would be better for them to be realistic and stop indulging in music. His decision makes everyone in the family sad, since now he is the master of the house, both mother and daughter give in to his proposal, that the violin should be returned as part of the agreement with maestro.

The young couples take the violin back to the old maestro and tell him that Now they are married, it would be difficult for them to continue with music, since they will have to be bothered with running a family. When they return back home, they discover that Siddhartha had left their house and the bird too gone.The next day their neighbor, the old school teacher is found dead while he is asleep.

The incident saddens them all but soon they have something to cheer up, as the young couple discover,that they are going to have a baby. On the day of the baby boy's birth they all witness the same phenomenon of the golden hue spreading in their house which they think is a good omen, and they name him as Siddhartha. Their life is filled with joy as they see Siddhartha growing.

One day while listening to the violin being played on the Radio, Siddhartha is so taken in by the beauty of the music, he enquires about it with his grand mother and up on learning that they were a family of musicians and his mother is an exponent of violin, he tells her that he would like to learn playing
it. Sidheshwari enthralled by the prospects of her grand son continuing their tradition.That night she is visited by a vision and remembers the young boy, who once lived in her house. Sidheshwari sees the resemblance of him in her Grand son Siddhartha. She determines to get the same violin for her grand son to play and she plans a visit to the old musician along with her daughter, son in law and grand son.

The maestro Aladdin recognizes, the resemblance of Sidhartha to his dead son Hussein and he talks about it. Sidheshwari, narrates the story of the boy who stayed with them long back and they all discover that Hussein is the one who had reincarnated as Siddhartha. They are overjoyed by this divine miracle and As they hear a commotion breaking out in the streets, they walk out to see that. A Buddhist monk with his followers is seen along with the bird catcher, Who is now in monk's robes freeing the birds from cages. They all remark that it is such a beautiful sight to see all those birds free and probably it is one more of Gods miracles that the bird catcher is now a transformed man.

Sidheshwari,Maestro Aladdin and the young couple with Siddhartha approach the chief monk and ask his blessing for young Siddhartha. Insteadted the chief monk along with his disciples pays his obeisance to Siddhartha, while they all look at him surprised by such an un usual happening, the chief monk tells them that, the boy is none other than the Bodhisattva reincarnated and they are all so fortunately blessed to be witnessing it. He tells them that, Bodhisatwa is born on this earth as Sidhartha to bless us all by spread
ing love and compassion through his divine music and that they are so fortunate, for the master has chosen to grace them with his birth, as a member of their family.

Now Siddhartha, sat under the shade of papal tree surrounded by the sheep and shepherds is playing his violin. We can all listen to the divine music floating down and reaching our ears.